I can’t help but wonder

About those in America who say they don’t want to pay for something THEY won’t use but others will in regards to health care.

This is interesting, and wrong, on so many levels. My guess is that those who say this are young and have never had a serious illness or seen someone they love with a serious illness. But those of us who have been around for a while know that none of us EVER thinks we’ll need health care. When you’re in your 20s, do you think you might get cancer? Or have a serious auto accident? Or fall down the stairs? Of course not; you are immortal! The funny thing, though, is that immortality wears off quickly and unexpectedly. So, say you opt out of health care for yourself and something happens? Then what? Do you expect the rest of us to pay for you?

Now, we don’t have kids. Never wanted them either. Why should I, then, pay for schools? I don’t use schools now that I’m older. I shouldn’t have to pay for them, right?

What about people who go skiing or hiking and go off the marked trails. I don’t do that. Why should I pay for those people when they have accidents and the rescue workers have to go after them? And, drunk drivers; why should I pay for my fire and police services to help them when they wrap their car around a tree. It’s not my problem!

Let’s not even get started on whether we were for or against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We didn’t vote for them, we didn’t want them, so why are our taxes going to pay for them?

Really, it’s a slippery slope, isn’t it? If we only want to pay for those things that we use ourselves, we wind up with a pretty mixed up society with an awful lot of people who fall through the cracks. Isn’t an enlightened society one where those of us who are lucky enough to earn a crust of bread help those of our neighbors who have nothing to eat? We never know when the hand of God is going to come down from above and squash us like a bug; isn’t it better to have a big umbrella for everyone?

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4 thoughts on “I can’t help but wonder

  1. Those are great points to use when trying to reason with people who are being (from my point of view) unreasonable about the need for universal health care. I’ll try to remember them, instead of getting furious and sputtering.

    Your morning pictures from a couple of days ago are just gorgeous–the mist on the mountains is beautiful.

  2. And, something I didn’t say, but which JM reminded me of after I posted: do those people have car insurance? If they don’t have an accident or get their car stolen, then they “aren’t using it” but ARE paying for other people to whom those things happen. That’s the whole point of insurance!

  3. The point is surely that nobody should be afraid to get in an ambulance because of the cost. In the UK everybody with an acute problem is treated immediately and at no cost at point of delivery. For chronic or non urgent problems there is a wait, quite often a long one, and at this point the rich or impatient can choose to pay and be seen at a convenient time. This seems to be a fair and equitable system. Your point about insurance and shared risk is well made.


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