The Rentree

It’s that time of year again. Vacations are pretty much over and the kids go back to school on Wednesday (or Thursday in some cases). Parents are in school supply overload (I always get a twinge of nostalgia when I see all the new notebooks and pens and back-to-school paraphernalia) and the mothers are all excited about regaining their freedom.

We seem to have, at last, broken the grip of the heat and the house is once again its usual, comfortable self. The prospect of cooking is becoming appealing once more.

Because of the heat, the leaves have already started to turn brown, but I have the feeling that we won’t have as colorful of a fall as usual if the trees have started to change this early. Grape harvest began a week earlier than usual as well and the vintners are hedging their bets as to whether this will be a good vintage year or not.

Last week, you could already tell that most of the vacationers were gone, as going shopping was far less traumatic than it had been. There are more empty parking spaces everywhere and the shelves no longer have that barren look, as if a horde of locusts has come in and swept everything away. Of course, although getting back to a bit of quiet is nice, the sad part is that friends who are only here for the summer are also going away. Too bad we can’t hold on to our own friends and let everyone else go back. But of course, everyone is someone’s friend, so that never really works in practice.

Even the light has started to change. There is that subtle golden glow to the sunlight that is one of the things I love about the fall; t is so much less harsh than summer sun. Jackets are again a requirement for early morning dog walks and I even contemplated putting on my gloves this morning.

A successful and happy rentree to all of you, and try to keep healthy this year.

Ciao for now,


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