There are things I want to write that I just don’t.

I have a philosophy in life, which is very similar to the Hippocratic oath: first, do no harm. I’m sad to say that there appear to be many people who do not abide by this philosophy and seem to spend their lives making others miserable. I haven’t been able to determine whether they realize they are causing others to suffer, or whether they are just so selfish or such sociopaths that they don’t care. Unfortunately, the results are the same; those with whom they come in contact feel miserable.

I feel lucky that most of the time I meet decent, friendly, kind people. I feel blessed that I have so many of them in my life. I try to remember that the truly negative people that I know are probably in pain themselves, and therefore I try to be compassionate about them. But when they direct bile and venom at me or those I love, this can be hard.

So, on those days when they force their meanness upon me, I look to all of my friends, my family and my Shmoo for comfort, and I have to say how lucky I am that I have all of you in my life.

Ciao for now.


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5 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Randy, you do have to wonder what these sorts of people get out of being so horrible. There are enough problems in this world without adding to them, and it’s so much nicer to be able to see yourself as a person who contributes to the overall level of happiness in the world than to the sadness and frustration. I would much rather be known as a helpful individual than as someone who creates tension and stress in other people. What’s so hard about recognizing how much more satisfying that course of action is?

    I know that it’s important to you to be kind to others, and it’s really a shame when they don’t play by the same rules. Life can sometimes be very unfair. I hope the weather cools down and things begin to look up again soon in the Possum Kingdom!

  2. Thanks, Rattie. My guess is that folks like that don’t even realize that there IS another way of life than theirs. Does it stem from a bad childhood? Is it mental illness? Who knows.

    I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror in the morning. On the other hand, I also refuse to be a doormat, as that is the path to anger and resentment!

    It’s still broiling here. JM and I want to go to a lecture tonight in Alet, but I’m holding off on deciding until I see how the weather is a little bit later on.

  3. what i always wonder about people like that (and we have a “neighbor” who is just the same, as you know) is this: when did they GET that way? surely they weren’t mean-spirited, sour, nasty little children, were they? at some point they must begin to see the world primarily in negative terms, to see everything as being done just to thwart them and keep them from getting exactly what they want… but if we could figure out when and how that happens, maybe we could prevent some of the eventual curmudgeonliness? or not. some of them just seem to enjoy marinating in their own misery. best the rest of us keep as far away from them as possible, lest it be contagious!

    • Thanks, MG. Believe it or not, we went out for dinner last night for the first time in ages and I had a HUGE chocolate liegeois (choc & vanilla ice cream with CHOCOLATE SAUCE AND WHIPPED CREAM on top), so I must have gotten your message vibe!

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