Ramblings on a Summer Afternoon

I can’t believe that it’s almost August already. Well, that’s a lie, because all I have to do to tell is to look out at all the strangers wandering around the Possum Kingdom. We get so used to our quiet roads that I totally freak out when there are actually other cars heading the same way that I’m going.

During the “normal” time of year, you can be guaranteed that going to do your shopping at 9:30 in the morning means that there will be almost nobody else in the store; same thing if you go at lunchtime. Not so from mid-July to mid-August! Aren’t these people supposed to be on vacation? Why aren’t they sleeping in????

At any rate, even here in our village there are lots of “foreign” cars (that includes French cars from other departments) and we have to be particularly careful when walking Shmoo to not get run over!

The other sure sign of summer is the fact that it is the time of year when all the children in France are redistributed. It seems to me that every child in the country is sent to live with its grandparents for most of the summer! We have all the “regular” village kids disappear and a whole crop of “new” kids suddenly appears. I assume that they’re visiting grandparents and not that there’s some huge, child trafficking ring taking control of the whole country.

Appropos of nothing, I have a few snarky comments for Apple: when I got my iPod I bought this little cassette thing that you plug into the headphone jack then put in the car’s cassette deck to play through the stereo system. It didn’t work, and it was so inexpensive that it would have cost more in postage than I paid for it to send it back, so I threw it into the glove box and forgot about it.

My new mobile phone broadcasts music to the FM radio without an attachment, and works pretty well, although there are sometimes “parasites” on the wavelength depending on where I am. I minimized that by lowering the car antenna, but it’s still not perfect. I suddenly remembered that little cassette thingie so I went out to try it. It works GREAT! The sound is really astonishing; actually better than the sound of CDs when I play them!

So, it looks like it didn’t work with my iPod because it was an iPod and I would have had to spend about 5 times as much to buy the little cassette thingamajig sold by Apple in order to get it to work. It’s really a bit of a scam they have going, isn’t it? You have to use THEIR thing or nothing.

I suppose you can’t have everything, but it would be nice if some things from different companies worked with each other to keep you from having to have assortments of products to handle similar tasks.

Ciao for now.


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3 thoughts on “Ramblings on a Summer Afternoon

  1. That’s interesting about your iPod cassette thingie. Back in the States, Apple is NOT selling those, you HAVE to buy a third-party one (we just got an iPod Touch a couple of weeks ago, must be the last folks in the world! and the Husband is having fun accessorizing it, boy howdy!) He noted, when I read your troubles to him, that those cassette thingies often don’t “seat” in the player correctly — the solution for which is to simply take it out and stick it in again, several times if necessary, and it will eventually be happy. Maybe. Sometimes there are simply irreconcilable differences between the cassette deck and the stick-it-in cassette. He says there’s a possibility the jack from the cassette-thingie may not be connecting correctly with the iPod receiver, could be pushed in too far, or not far enough, or maybe all sorts of other things. But if it’s working with the cell phone, it’s his opinion it should be working with the iPod too. Good luck if you want to try it with the iPod again.

  2. Hello Randy

    My blog had a link to yours. For two months it has been showing your last entry as two months ago. We were quite worried about you!

    Today I did some research and it seems that a couple of months ago you changed your blog in some way. I have removed the link from my blog and re-entered the address of your blog as it now is.

    The reason I am telling you is that I wonder how many other people are in the same postion?



  3. Thanks, Vic.I upgraded my webserver and had to make a few changes to various things, so that may account for it. As always, those things are a bit more complicated than they seem.


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