I Forgot

I went to the Ikea in Toulouse with my friend Margaret on Wednesday. I haven’t been in a store that big in a long time and I forgot how overwhelming it can be.

I’m always struck by how alike big brand stores like Ikea are from one country to another. I really could have been inside the Ikea in Glendale if the prices had been in dollars rather than in euors. Oh, and in Glendale it would have been air conditioned! Wednesday was hot, about 32 C (90 F) and very, very humid. I’d forgotten about humidity after years of living in the San Fernando Valley, we mostly didn’t have any. Inside the Ikea it was crowded and HOT.

Being surrounded by that much stuff and that many people in that kind of heat was an experience I would like to not repeat for a very long time. I looked around at the things I had in my head that I needed to see, but it was so uncomfortable that my brain wasn’t functioning. I did wind up buying a clothes drying rack that I’d been needing and some paper napkins. How is that for exciting?

I had wanted to visit the Ikea and had never gotten around to it, so now I’ve been there done that. Oh, and I discovered that there is another Ikea phenomenon that is the same here as in the States. I found a couch that would have been perfect for Mom, but I wanted to talk to her first so figured I could just order it online later. Nope; that couch isn’t available online. I hesitate to go back, because if they don’t have it I will have made the trip for nothing. I didn’t mark down all the particulars so I can’t simply call to ask them.  I still remember trying to buy mutiples of something like chairs in L.A. and discovering that they had 2 or 3 when you needed 4, and their having no idea of when, or if, they were getting more of them.

The more things change…

Ciao for now.


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2 thoughts on “I Forgot

  1. Your experience about IKEA is exactly the same that we had visiting an IKEA here in Minneapolis. Once in the store it felt like we had to walk fast enough in order not to be run over by all the people behind us. We felt like we were part of a big heard!

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