I’m sorry, but people suck

Today being Wednesday, my friend Margaret came over for her weekly French conversation lesson. I was upstairs, but Shmoo was really barking like mad, something he doesn’t do when people are at the door but DOES do when there is a dog around. When I got downstairs, sure enough, there was a dog ALSO sitting at our front door.

I went outside to find not only Margaret, but a truly beautiful puppy. He looked to be a golden colored Belgian Malinois, probably about 6 months old; he was STARVING. I gave him a couple of biscuits and called JM to come down. Margarent had a look at him while I went back in to get some food; he had fleas and ticks.

I did not want to make the same mistake I had made when we found the hunting dog a few months back, and first  I gave Shmoo some of the food I was going to give the puppy so he wouldn’t feel jealous and as if he was being pushed lower down in the pack. Of course, the poor boy wolfed it down. I didn’t want to give him a second can so that he didn’t get sick, figuring I’d let him digest a bit before giving him more.

While he ate, I went down and found a spare collar, then put that on him and attached him outside. Our plan was for me to take him to the vet to get him checked out, then on to the SPCA in Carcassonne later this afternoon so that he could find a new forever home. Li’l fuzz went to sleep for a few minutes and I went inside to get my keys. But suddenly he woke up and went kind of crazy! My guess is he had never been attached to a leash before, or maybe he had been but had had a bad experience. Whatever the reason, he was now completely terrified.

He managed to pull the bench I had him attached to up against the edge of a car, then got himself stuck under the wheel of the car. I couldn’t move the bench enough to loosen the leash and I couldn’t get him to move enough to unhook him. It was pretty scary for a few minutes. Finally, JM managed to unhook the leash and the release of the pressure on the collar calmed the little guy down. But now, he was so afraid that he wouldn’t eat and he wouldn’t move. He was also bleeding from the mouth; my guess is that he had bitten himself in his terror.

I don’t really like to approach a frightened dog; you never know what they are going to do, and since I have no idea if he was vaccinated, I really didn’t want to get bitten and have to get rabies shots. I was at last able to get my hand on his collar at the back of his neck so that I could unhook it, which I did. As soon as he realized he was free, he just took off.

JM was really upset, but I explained that since we couldn’t take the risk of bringing him into the house near Shmoo without getting him checked out first, that I hadn’t had a choice. Leaving him tied up outside was clearly not going to work and we had no place else to put him.

How could anyone just abandon a puppy like that? He looked as if he was a purebred Malinois, not a cross. Why would you take in a dog like that then let him go? He had no collar or tatoo; I have no idea if he was chipped or not since I couldn’t get him to the vet. But, clearly, someone must have decided to go on vacation and since they didn’t know what to do with this dog, they just tossed him out.

I know I will be thinking of this poor little guy for weeks; wondering if he found a home and praying that he is okay.

Ciao for now.


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