The Incident

There’s a lady in our village who has this very sweet pet rabbit. Her daughter gave it to her after her husband died and it is probably the world’s most spoiled rabbit. It sits on the table during meals and she feeds it cookies, which it prefers to carrots. She also takes it for “walks,” which means the lady walks and carries the rabbit, because it refuses to walk around outside.

Last night we were walking Shmoo when we crossed paths with the lady, a friend of hers and the rabbit. Shmoo immediately sat and did not jump up, but he was watching the rabbit. We gently explained to the lady that she should NOT bring the rabbit too close to Shmoo because he really, really liked to chase small furry creatures. She listened, then bent over him WITH the rabbit so he could give him a kiss!!!!

The jaws of death immediately snapped and my first thought was, “Holy Crap! He’s bitten its head off!!!!” Luckily, he only got a little bit of fur, but I’m pretty sure the rabbit is traumatized for life!

This is what comes from watching too many Disney movies and forgetting that real animals are either prey or predator! Thank Dog Shmoo didn’t kill it, because even though it wouldn’t have been his (or our) fault, I still would have felt terrible about it.

Ciao for now.


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