If you don’t have a dog

You will probably find this an incredibly boring post. But if you do have a dog, hang around.

Ever since the first man brought the first dog into the family cave, women have been trying to find an effective way of dealing with all that dog hair. Sure, if you’re into it, you can spin it into yarn and knit doghair sweaters. But how many of us are THAT creative about it? Instead we try to clean it up.

Sure, there’s the old standby of a broom and dust pan (if you don’t have carpet), but generally the hair just flies up into the air, waiting until your back is turned to land back where it first started.

Thus, on every dog forum in the world there is THE discussion: which vacuum cleaner is really effective on pet hair?

Frankly, I have no idea how many vacuums I’ve bought and burned out over the years. Dog hair is, in general, far more sturdy than vacuum cleaners. I know that there are some brands that swear they don’t clog or break down, but we all know that eventually, dog hair gets them all.

I’ve had inexpensive vacuum cleaners and expensive vacuum cleaners; uprights and canisters; with bags and without. All have eventually died from doghair poisoning. Last year in a fit of what I can only call insanity, I bought one of those little bagless sweeper vacs. What on earth was I thinking? It was a cordless as well, and no way could it ever clean our entire house on one charge. As to the dog hair, it was never a contest; the poor thing just couldn’t cope.

I decided that I had to do something. The dog hair was starting to take over and pretending it wasn’t there was no longer working. I researched for several weeks and went back and forth: bagless or bag? Finally, I borrowed a neighbor’s Dyson and realized that bagless just wasn’t for me. No matter how much the ads say they are easy to empty, you still wind up with dust and doghair in your face when you dump the canister.

I finally settled on a Nilfisk Extreme 300.I ordered it online and hoped for the best. It got here this morning and I decided to test it out.

I have to say that this baby has POWER! It has 5 speeds and for the first time ever I was able to get the doghair out of the awful red carpet in JM’s office. The only time it has been that clean was when we hired a professional cleaner to come in and he used a professional assault vacuum on it. What is amazing is that it cleaned up the hair easily and is the quietest vacuum I’ve ever used, so you don’t feel as if you’re going deaf while cleaning.

This particular model has a HEPA 14 filter, which is the highest rated HEPA filter and it also has some kind of special bags that are made of cotton and not paper. The combination does not allow any dust to blow back into the air, and when I finished vacuuming the house didn’t have that musty vacuum cleaner smell that you sometimes get.

Of course the one thing it hasn’t done is stand the test of time. Will this be a vacuum that lasts me for longer than a year? No idea, but for now, I love it.

Ciao for now.


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2 thoughts on “If you don’t have a dog

  1. I am using a Dyson Animal right now. It is okay but I see a lot of stuff that could be improved upon. Sorry, Mr. Dyson.

    It still has quite a few miles left in it. I will use it ’til the end; until then Dyson Animal for me.

    Good luck with the new vacuum cleaner, Lady of the House.

  2. I came really close to getting a Dyson Animal, but the more I read the reviews, the less convinced I was. When I tried a different model of Dyson that my neighbors have, I was convinced it wouldn’t work for me.

    Also, my Nilfisk was actually less expensive than the Dyson, so that was another plus!

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