I Can’t Help it; I hate them.

The damned motorbikes that is! I know it’s a right of passage here in France, and JM tells me that it wasn’t all that different when he was a teen; but my GOD they are awful!!

First of all, they are little tiny things that sound like a lawnmower to begin with and are probably even less powerful than one to boot; but to make things worse, most of the kids screw around with the muffler (or whatever equivalent they have) so that they can get a tiny bit more power. This means that they are even louder and MORE annoying than they are straight out of the factory.

On a spring or summer day, when you are trying to sit with your windows open and work while enjoying the fresh air, the sound is sometimes so deafening that you are forced to close the windows. Some of the kids ride round and round the village, gunning the motor and speeding as fast as they can. You not only have the ear-splitting noise, but it is terrifying because they pay absolutly no attention to who might be in the road in front of them. I consider it a miracle that a kid, dog or elderly person has not been killed by one of these idiots.

Sometimes we see the Gendarmes doing a “stake-out” to catch people driving without their seatbelts. I do not understand why they don’t crack down on these kids instead. I hate to sound like a grumpy old curmudgeon, but if they got fined a few hundred euros that their parents would have to pay, maybe there would be some changes made.

I really DO understand that life in a rural village is probably exceedingly boring for a teenager. They can’t get their driving licenses until they are 18, so these lawnmowers are their only form of transportation if their parents or an older kid can’t take them somewhere. But to be honest, I say, “TOUGH!” You can’t always get what you want and being bored doesn’t give you the right to make everyone around you miserable.

Ciao for now.


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3 thoughts on “I Can’t Help it; I hate them.

  1. too bad there aren’t “muffler” regulations that could be applied to these vehicles??? or noise pollution statutes? anybody else have any ideas?

  2. me too! They are all over the states too. In fact my best friend and her hubby have them. They are now getting some of the electric ones over here, they are silent.

  3. Chimene, it actually IS against the law, but if they don’t get tickets for doing it, they’ll just keep on keeping on!

    Cheryl, I think the electric kind would be great. However, I think part of the reason they like them IS the noise!

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