Hot, hot, hot!

After last summer-that-almost-wasn’t, no one around the Possum Kingdom has cause for complaint this year. It has been trés chaud! Pretty much by 9:30, JM and I have been closing the shutters and windows and leaving them that way until 9:30 at night or so.

I think that this may be the first time since we’ve lived here where I haven’t heard one person complaining about the weather! That is major news, because usually, no matter what, there is always someone complaining.

We’ve also been lucky, because we seem to get at least one day a week with some rain, so it keeps things from getting too overwhelming. However, I do have to remind myself that this is only mid-June and we could be having some major heatwaves in our future.

I am mostly worried about my mother, because I can’t quite get her to understand the principle of opening the windows and doors in the morning and evening and closing them during the hot part of the day. She seems to insist on opening the windows when it’s hot “to get some air.” I have explained it time and time again, but I think a lifetime of habit is hard to change. She doesn’t quite understand the self-air conditioning that these old stone houses have. I’ll have to keep an eye on her, because elderly people don’t process the heat (or the cold) as well as younger ones, and that is why there were so many deaths during the heatwave of 2003 (or was it 2004, I get confused).

Still, this is very nice for the tourists; no one should be able to complain that they didn’t have any sun during their vacation this year.

Keep cool.
Ciao for now.

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