Slaughter on the D118

I decided to go to Carcassonne yesterday to shop for a new coffeemaker. Normally, this takes about 40 minutes during non-rush hours. Imagine my surprise when I was caught up in a terrible traffic jam just on the other side of Cepie.

Traffic was backed up for well over a kilometer, as there were signals set up for alternating traffic. When I got close enough to see what was going on I was horrified to see that this was all due to the wanton destruction of the beautiful Plane trees that line so many of our regional roads.

This all started a year or so ago when some study apparently showed that stupid drivers who went too fast or who drove drunk were more likely to die if they crashed into a tree than if they didn’t crash into a tree. God forbid we should look at the drivers, instead we must penalize the evil trees.

There are many in the region who have fought ferociously to stop this senseless slaughter, but to no avail. I knew that the trees between Carcassonne and Castlenaudary had gone, but I had hoped the the trees on our side of Carcassonne would remain. Huge disappointement on my part.

Now, Jean-Paul, who runs the fruit and vegetable shop in the village, told me that he thinks they’re being cut down because that section of the road is going to be widened. I say, “so what!” Surely the region, or the department or whoever could have purchased a portion of a field on one or the other sides of the existing road and run the new, wider road there without destroying our majestic trees!

It put me into a particularly foul mood, I have to admit. I can’t bear to see trees being cut down for any reason and certainly not for stupid reasons.

My day was not improved by my coffeemaker buying experience. I found what I want, brought it home plugged it in and tested it, only to discover that it was missing a part! I tried to get just that part sent to me by mail; but no. Impossible. The only solution was to go back to Carcassonne and exchange the machine! That meant, of course, another view of the destruction on the D118.

Some days it’s better not to get out of bed.

Ciao for now.


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3 thoughts on “Slaughter on the D118

  1. My sympathies on the trees. Our neighborhood access road is finally being improved, well the good part is the surface will be smoother. The not-so-great part is they’re widening it to put in curb-and-gutter…. and taking out ginormous numbers of trees to do it. Looks like a desert, from one end to the other! I’m terrified that the biggest and most beautiful pair of cedars on the street will be taken down, although they seem to still be there, and they’re starting paving Monday, so maybe the cedars will survive!
    Traffic engineers generally have their heads inserted in odd places, around here too. Everything from freeway design to traffic light timing.

  2. Dear Randy,
    I agree with you! I saw the signs of the people who were fighting for the trees in May, when I stood at Kerkorb. The allee between Carcassonne and Limoux was one of the most beautiful in the Region. On the way to Perpignan they have build the new road beside the trees and they took care of the trees. Why isn´t it possible near Limoux? Since more than 30 years I spend my holidays in this area and the allee of D118 was the entrance in the region. I can not understand this politics.

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