Introducing Chateau-Shmoo

My new fancy idea of adding separate pages to this blog so that Possum Kingdom posts could be in a different place from Dog posts and Food posts does not seem to be working as I had hoped. Sometimes, leaving well enough alone is the ideal solution. So, instead I’m going to try simply tagging posts on different subjects and seeing if that works a little better. I am introducing Chateau-Shmoo as the category for all things dog.

For a test run, here’s a nice picture of Shmoo at Lac Montbel during Cheryl’s recent visit.

Action Shmoo

Action Shmoo

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Chateau-Shmoo

  1. Hey, Shmoo has one of those leashes. The first time I tried it on Kello he did not like it, cause he was not able to wriggle out of his collar when he wanted to chase after something. That twist-and-turn maneuver which had worked for him in the past does not work for him anymore. But I like it a lot!

  2. Maggie hated the head collar when I tried it on her and would just drop to the ground and roll, trying to get it off. Shmoo was much more accepting of it, even if he doesn’t love it. It certainly makes him easier to control, and he has even gotten less likely to try to pull because of it.

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