Fall Out

On Tuesday we took Cheryl to the airport in Toulouse. It was almost as if the weather had decided to not let her feel too bad about leaving, because it was cold and rainy. In fact, later that same day, there were massive hail storms all across the region (although we in the Possum Kingdom were spared).

Traffic once we were on the ring road around Toulouse was awful. It surprised us, because the previous week when we went to Lourdes it hadn’t been that bad. We later discovered that there were demonstrations all over the place, but I must admit that I don’t really know what they were protesting. It’s always something in the month of May though.

I guess we had to pay for having had all that fun while Cheryl was here though. Our last visit on Monday was to Carcassonne, where the winds were insane! We had all dressed for warmth and sun and were pretty cold. You would think we would no better than to go out without taking a sweater along, but I guess some things we never learn.

At any rate, all the changes from hot to cold to hot again, along with the rain and more contact with large groups of people has taken a toll and JM picked up some kind of bug. No, it is NOT swine flu, but he’s coughing and sniffling. I have a bit of a sore throat myself and don’t know if I’ll be able to fight it off or not, although I hope so.

The most unusual bit of health weirdness came out yesterday. One day last week I got a terrible pain in my foot while out walking. It didn’t improve, so yesterday I went to the podiatrist. It turns out I had a piece of DOG HAIR embedded in my foot! A little present from Shmoo Alexander. Apparently this happens to hairdressers all the time with people hair. You learn something new everyday.

Ciao for now.


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4 thoughts on “Fall Out

  1. Randy, I’m sitting here in New York and ran across your blog after searching for Chalabre. I was getting homesick for the village I am your neighbor who lives on the east side of the village (cours raynaud)at number 2. We have spoken on a few occasions, but I’m sure you don’t remember. JM was kind enough a couple of years ago to show myself and wife your finished abode. We then read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to see you in person around the middle of July.

  2. Hello:
    I am enjoying your ramblings over the wonderful life you have in the south of France. I wonder if I may impose and ask if you would help me get in touch with my former colleague Ken Mule. I see he is a neighbor of yours and just want to get it touch and say hello. Perhaps you might act as a ‘go-between’ and conduct this request to him.
    Please feel free to give him my email address.
    Enjoy your summer.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Rich. I do vaguely remember Ken, now that i look back at his messages, but I haven’t seen him in a long time.

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