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Carcassonne May 2009

Carcassonne May 2009

I have finally finished my cookbook and am just waiting for my friend Hélène to give it an overall read to make sure I haven’t left any huge mistakes in it.

This was my first attempt at both writing ANYTHING major directly in French and also writing a cookbook, so I’m pleased with how it turned out. Now, hopefully I’ll sell a few copies so it won’t all be for nothing.

With that done, I can get back to more normal existence (less cooking!!) although my friend Cheryl from Oklahoma is coming to stay with us next weekend, so we’ll be busy while she is here. I’m really looking forward to that, because I’ve known Cheryl online for close to 10 years and this is the first time we’ll ever meet! Boy, I hope we like each other!!!

JM and I have planned lots of fun sightseeing stuff to do and I’m hoping that we have weather as gorgeous as what we’ve been having for the last few days. It has been pretty close to perfect, and colors are exploding everywhere. I managed to get this picture of Carcassonne last week when we drove to Gruissan and you can see how lovely the weather was.

Here’s hoping things are as beautiful where you are.

Ciao for now.

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