Possum Kingdom Updates

My good friend Rose reminded me that I owe everyone updates on some of the latest and greatest Possum Kingdom news stories.

First, she wants to know about the green-crossed trees: We don’t have an answer yet. The tree trimmers have not gotten around to that section of the village as of yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m right, as I noticed that even here on Cours Colbert there was a tree with an X on it that has been cut down. I don’t think it has to do with the scandalous removal of trees from roads where there are lots of accidents, but more to do with the trees getting diseased after they reach a certain age.

Second: what happened with the homeless man and the apartment in Toulouse? That turns out to be a bit more complicated than it appeared at first (isn’t it always?). The squatter was interviewed in the Depeche to give HIS side of the story, which not unsurprisingly, was vastly different from the report given by the official renter. However, even though I tried to keep an open mind, I didn’t find his story convincing. He just said a lot of things that really made no sense at all.

Here in France, you are not allowed to evict anyone, even a squatter, during the winter months. I believe the dates are mid-October to mid-March. This past weekend was the end of the winter non-eviction period, and the police had told the squatter he had to go. I haven’t seen whether he actually did go, but that doesn’t really make news, does it?

What DOES make news is that with the economy tanking as much here as elsewhere, the various associations in aid of the poor and homeless are lobbying to make it mandatory that before evicting anyone for non-payment of rent, that they have another place to go. I find myself very torn about the issue. First I DO believe that people should have a place to stay, but should those who own property be punished by being forced to have them living in their properties rent free? I think that if landlords can’t evict tenants, you will have a lot few rental units available, unless these associations or the state take it upon themselves to pay the rent.

I know that JM and I will now never finish turning the empty part of the building where Mom lives into rental units, because we do not have the financial resources to do it, especially if at the end of the day we wind up with tenants who do not pay. We would wind up going bankrupt in such a situation. It’s a real dilemma as far as I’m concerned.

Now, the FINAL update: L’ affaire Georgette Peille!!! She has been found! At least her body has been found.

You all laughed when I asked where Inspector Barnaby was in this whole business; but in a turn of events worthy of any British cozy, she was actually found by a man walking hs dog! I’m not kidding; who could make this stuff up?

At any rate, said man and dog actually found her basket full of mushrooms and called the police, who found her in a ravine not far from where she lived. This leads to all sorts of questions, such as: with all the police, the dogs, the gendarmes, the helicopters, the hunters, etc. who were hunting her, how come THEY didn’t find her? The last story in the paper said it was being treated as an accidental death.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that it’s a bit of an anti-climax.

Ciao for now.

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