Don’t Leave Home!

Today’s Depeche du Midi has a story in it that leaves me in shock and disbelief. It is rare that I read something that has this effect on me; making me believe that Kafka still lives amongst us.

In January, a resident of Toulouse left his rented apartment to go and help some friends who were opening a restaurant in a different department. When he came back about a month ago, he noticed light coming out from the door of his apartment. He tried to unlock the door and discovered that the lock had been changed!

While he was gone, a homeless man had broken in and taken possession of the apartment and all of its contents!

Now, this is where Kafka comes in. The legal tenant has not been able to get rid of the squatter, because French rental law actually PROTECTS HIM from being evicted!!! So, the poor bugger who actually pays the rent, electricity, etc., is now homeless, while the homeless man is eating the food in his refrigerator!

The police can do nothing. The poor bloke isn’t working right now and is having to stay with family, and the squatter is in the clear.

There is apparently a law that MAY help our poor tenant to get his place back. However, will he get it back with his belongings, or will everything that is not nailed down be gone when he gets back inside. I hope he gets the place fumigated as well.

I can’t imagine what I would do in such a case. I suppose hiring a hit man is going to far, but I am sure I would be tempted.

Ciao for now from the safety of my very own 4 walls.


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One thought on “Don’t Leave Home!

  1. Same thing happens here, PG. I dealt with an identical situation 10 years ago. Finally had to take the squatter to court but by the time we got an order to vacate, most of my antiques and belongings were gone.

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