Christmas Possum Update

Merry Boxing Day to all!

We had a lovely Christmas Eve celebration withMom and friends David and Jane, who arrived at the Gare de Carcassonne last Friday night. Somehow, they managed to bring several beautiful, sunny days with them in their luggage.

Because they don’t like to have boring holidays, David slipped on their cellar steps on Tuesday as he was taking a bottle of gas downstairs. We happened to stop in about 30 minutes later, to find him sitting huddled in the corner next to the radiator, a blanket clutched around himself and looking decidedly green from shock.

Of course, because he and Jane don’t want to bother anyone, he was prepared to just tough it out! However, JM and I insisted that a trip to les Urgences at the Solano clinic was really necessary and not the least bit of bother. At that point it wasn’t clear if he had broken his ankle or if it was a sprain, but obviously an x-ray and a doctor were called for.

It did turn out to be a sprain, but sometimes I think that is worse. Your mind hears, “It’s only a sprain,” and translates that into, “It’s no big deal,” so you just carry on doing what you normally do. Unfortunately, that is not actually the best way to deal with a sprain, even if you have it properly wrapped. The only thing that really heals it is time and rest.

David’s idea of “rest” is cycling 20 K instead of 40! After a few days of overexerting himself, he’s now realizing the error of his ways and I think is now prepared to rest a bit.

Injury aside, we had a lovely Christmas meal: Salmon and paté for starters, followed by Black turkey (delicious!), carrot and sweet potatoes roasted with marmalade, wild rice and cepe casserole, spinach with cream and gruyere, and potatoes roasted in goose fat. To finish we had a superb bûche de Noël and a mixed berry tart, both created by our extraordinary baker, Philippe Corlet. And, we toasted it all with some delicious Blanquette Ancestrale.

Christmas day was quiet, as it usually is around here. However, this morning we woke up to a white post-Christmas! We’re actually under an orange alert, which is a severe weather warning, as we are expecting very heavy snow and icy conditions through tomorrow. This is the first time that has happened since we first moved here 4 years ago.

It has been snowing for about 4 hours now, and it’s really starting to stick to the road. It looks quite astonishing outside and I will take my little camera around later to get some pictures.

Clearly, our plans for a trip to Limoux have been put on hold, and Beanie will be spending the day under her blanket of snow and not attempting to drive anywhere. I will be curious to see Shmoo’s reaction to this much of the white stuff when we go out for our afternoon walk; I just hope he isn’t so excited that he pulls me over and I wind up in les Urgences!

Ciao for now and Merry Christmas to all!


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Possum Update

  1. Sounds like a great Christmas. My mum received your book as a present and was over the moon especially when she spotted the picture of the house she grew in up there. Ive been looking at your site and all the pictures, its great to keep upto date with whats happening back home. I was just wondering if you have any pictures of the genets in chalabre, Ive made a sort of this is your life for my mums friend who grew up there and weve been looking for a picture of the genets without luck!

  2. Thanks, Celine. I’m glad your mum enjoyed the book. I don’t have any pictures of les Genets at the moment, but perhaps when the weather is a little nicer, I’ll go out and get some.


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