White Almost Christmas!

We woke up this morning to more sleety rain. I don’t want to be reading ANY talk about a draught this year, with the amount we’ve been having. My feet are starting to mildew because my shoes never dry out.

We had decided to head into Limoux for a few errands, since we try to group things together and not have to drive over there too frequently. Our thought was to get an early start and be back home for lunch. When we looked out the window at 9 am, the sleet had turned to snow and there was a fair amount of it.

“Are we mice or men?” asked JM, and we decided to be manly and go, however, we had barely gotten out of the village when we saw that the snow was already sticking to the road, and the Col between here and Limoux is MUCH higher and gets way more snow. I told JM that I guess the mouse was winning and turned the car around to head back home.

When we pulled into our spot, I saw Didier and Mireille from across the street, and Didier said that last night he had run into very slippery conditions on the Col and he’s used to this, so despite JM making squeaking noises at me, I felt like I’d made the right decision.

After lunch, though, things seemed to have improved somewhat, so we decided to try again. I must say that it felt like driving through a winter postcard scene! The trees were blanketed in snow and there was a good covering everywhere on the ground. The road was not great at certain places on the Col, but several hours of more traffic going over it had improved things to the point where prudent driving got me safely through it all.

Once in Limoux, everyone we met was very impressed that we had dared to make the trek from Chalabre! We told them that as long as we were able to outrun the Polar Bears and Snow Leopards that we felt safe.

Except for the first year we were here, where there were a couple of good snow storms in February, we haven’t seen anything like this at our level. We had one barely there snow flurry last year, and nothing at all the year before, as far as I can remember. So, JM and I are kind of enjoying it. It feels A LOT like a White Christmas this year!

Ciao for now


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