Hell then Heaven

The weekend of fun and games continued.  JM remained hideously ill.  But, bless my friend Jo Ann in Florida.  She’s a nurse and I called to ask her advice, since I didn’t know whether we need to go to an ER or not. She recommended Pedialyte and I seriously think it saved us from at least several more days of misery.  Within a short time of drinking that, JM started to feel better and by Sunday evening was finally not having any further diarrhea or fever.   Which was just as well, as both Mom AND I got the bug Sunday night.  However, by then I had single-handedly managed to get everything ready for the move.  Don’t ask me how, because I honestly don’t have a clue.

Luckily, our version of the bug was short-lived and we were tired but not sick by the time the movers showed up Monday morning.  It was the same crew of Rinkens’ movers who had done a fabulous job moving JM and me in 2005.  They had everything boxed and onto the truck in under 4 hours, and I cannot tell you how glad I was to get the hell out of Hemet!

The good times remained with us, and it spite of it being the beginning of rush hour, we managed an astonishing less than 2 hours of driving into L.A.  As soon as we’d unloaded the car at the La Quinta Inn at LAX, we took it back to Enterprise and they very kindly drove us back to the hotel, even though that’s not normally something they do; as most people take their shuttle to the airport.

I cannot recommend the La Quinta too highly.  We had already stayed here on our arrival, and we were struck by the fact that they have the most comfortable beds we’ve ever slept in in a hotel.  I wish we could take them home with us!

We were exhausted, but we hadn’t had food for a long time (1 & 1/2 days for me and Mom, 3 days for JM), so we ordered in.  Mom, unfortunately made a poor choice for a recovering tummy, and this morning woke up a bit sick again.  Now, this is where one of those extraordinary moments of human kindness come in.  This afternoon, she was finally feeling a bit hungry so I went down to the lobby restaurant to see if I could get her some scrambled eggs.  The wonderful waiter went into the kitchen to make them for me and handed me a tray to take up to her.  I asked to sign it to my room.  “No, just take it,” he said. “We have free breakfast every morning, just come down earlier tomorrow.”   I was in shock.  I couldn’t believe how generous and sweet he was to a total stranger.

So, do try them out if you have to come through L.A. and are staying at the airport.  You could do far worse.

Ciao for now (and looking forward to being back in the Possum Kingdom on Thursday)


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