Happy Anniversary to Us

We just got back from celebrating the 4th anniversary of our first visit to the Possum Kingdom!  We went to lunch at Le Commerce in Mirepoix and are feeling contentedly stuffed.

We found our house on a Tuesday, then went back on Wednesday evening to meet a builder to discuss approximately how much it would cost to get the place into shape. On our way back to Pamiers in the cold, winter rain, we stopped in Mirepoix, hoping to find someplace to have dinner. We had been staying with friends and didn’t want to make them wait for us to eat, and also didn’t want them to feel obligated to provide us with a hot meal, which I know they would have insisted on doing.  Le Commerce looked cozy and welcoming so we stopped in; I think we were the only customers that night.  It has since become our favorite comfort food restaurant.

Our waitress that night was Sylvie, who used to run the Cafe de la Paix in our village with her then companion. She is a warm, wonderful person and we have delighted in knowing her these 4 years. Unfortunately, she’s had some health issues over the last 2 years, but they are apparently at last getting under control, and we are happy to know she is feeling so much better.

Le Commerce has a daily special for 12.50€. Today it was assorted crudités and charcuterie (at dinner there is a wonderful vegetable potage instead), Poached eggs on spinach with bechamel sauce, Roast chicken and sauteed potatoes and mushrooms, choice of cheese, fruit or dessert. We had the Strawberry Bavaroise.  Worth every penny and more!

We always walk out of Le Commerce happy; the food is good value for money. The ingredients are fresh and simply prepared. The wait staff is warm and welcoming. The dining room is wonderfully cozy on a cold winter’s day and you feel as if you have just had a meal in a place where you are appreciated.

Today was a particularly perfect day for a meal like this, as the temperature has not really risen above freezing and we’ve been having snow flurries on and off all day. Besides being the anniversary of our introduction to our new home, it is also the SECOND anniversary of our adopting Shmoo! (Well, approximately at any rate).  Strangely, as we were driving between Camon and Sonnac we had a huge shock; there on the road in front of us was a dog who could have been Shmoo’s brother! My first thought was, “Oh my God! Did I forget to lock the front door????” As I slowed the car, the Doppleganger made a quck turn into a corn field and was lost from sight. I knew it wan’t Shmoo, but it reall was a shock.

But, a few minutes later we opened the front door to our cozy abode and there was our Shmoo Alexander, warm and safe and happy to see us.

Life is good.

Ciao for now,


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One thought on “Happy Anniversary to Us

  1. Hi,
    Sorry couldn’t see any other way of contacting you other than this, so hope you don’t mind.Val and I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and came here two and a half years ago from the UK, on early retirement. Retirement is good but SA isn’t proving to be all that we wanted. So we are looking at the Aude for another resettlement, probably in about two to three years time. We are coming up for a recce in May next year, staying in Fosse. Any tips?

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