The Lights of Christmas

They are up and lit about 10 days earlier than last year. I just love when they put up the Christmas decorations in the village; they’re not super gaudy, but look elegant and beautiful.

Those, together with the cold weather we’ve had for almost the last month, are really making things feel like Christmas already. Of course, the bad economy is probably not going to make it a “spendy” year for most people, but at least it looks great.

This week is the Telethon, which is a national charity event to raise money for things like muscular dystrophy, etc. Just about every village has some kind of money raising event and ours is no exception. Two of the things that sound the most fun are a village dinner at the local theater on Saturday night and a Christmas market on Sunday.

We usually go to at least a couple of Christmas markets every year and it will be nice to have one right outside our own back door this year. Of course, they are an evil temptation because one sees tons of things they don’t need but just HAVE to buy. And, as usual in France, the caloric temptations can be quite dire. Luckily Christmas is just once a year so we can work on getting those extra pounds off for the next 11 months.

Our friends Bernie, Fiona, John and baby Aoibhe are arriving for the weekend, so that will make it even more festive. I can hardly wait!

Ciao for now.


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