Trip from Hell

JM and I have traveled a lot over the years.  I can absolutely NOT remember a worse experience than this one.

We got up early and got to Toulouse in plenty of time for our flight.  We arrived in Paris a few minutes late and of course started to panic, because the correspondence between internal flights and international flights is horrible and long at CDG.  Lots of corridors, shuttle buses, more corridors, security, passport control, more corridors…

Anyway, we got to our L.A. flight about 10 minutes after it was supposed to board only to find out it was delayed. Okay, fine, we didn’t have to panic.

The problem was the delay kept going on and on. Air France flight attendants were on strike and we  didn’t know if they would actually find cabin crew for the plane.  No cabin crew, no flight.  The flight to Boston got canceled and all those passengers had to find other flights!  If that happened to us, we were doomed, because there is a lot to do before the movers come on Monday.

Miraculously, after 3 hours they did find a crew and started loading us onto shuttle buses.  Then, we waited on the bus for another 40 minutes. Not fun, but at least we knew we’d get to fly.  Except there was a truly ugly American spouting off for most of the time about how disgusting it was that the French “couldn’t keep their people in line”  and allowed them to get away with this kind of thing.

I’m not proud, but I finally freaked out and started telling him off!  Truly not like me, but I thought he was being odious. We had a bit of a shouting match, but several other passengers later said I was right.

When we finally boarded, there were only 5 flight attendants (instead of the usual 12) for the entire plane.  They worked their butts off for the whole flight but clearly, it was not the usual type of service, but who cares?  We were on our way to L.A.

Eventually we DID arrive, and for the first time in 30 years of flying, we wound up having our baggage screened by customs instead of just walking through.  Not that there was anything in our bags, but it added another 35  minutes to the whole business.  By the time we got our car and got back to the hotel it was 8:30,  almost 4 hours later than planned.

As usual, we left for Hemet at 4:30.  Traffic was much heavier than it had been on the trip out in September, and the only bright spot was knowing it was probably the last time we’d have to drive TO Hemet, only one more neverending freeway trip, back on Tuesday, to go.

There is so much to do here.  I don’t think Mom has accomplished much of anything since we left in September.  Still, we were confident that we could make it; except last night, JM came down with either a stomach bug or food poisoning.  He’s totally laid out, today is Saturday and the movers are coming Monday morning.  I need to get Mom packed up, separate out the stuff for the movers from the stuff that is staying, and I can’t count on either of them for help.  I am not a happy camper right now, as well as being worried about JM.

I can’t wait to be home on Thursday!

Ciao for now.


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