It’s here

There’s no getting around it, winter weather is here, even though the calendar says it’s still autumn.  For the first time this season, we had to put our heat on this morning as the house felt pretty darned chilly when we got up.  When I checked my desktop widget that shows the weather here in the Possum Kingdom, I saw that the outside temperature was 0 C (32 F), so it’s no wonder we felt cold!

In fact, when we were walking the horde, I noticed that there was frost on the grass.  Again, I think that is the first time this season that we’ve had a freeze.

It seems to me that we are having cold weather sooner this year than we usually do.  Of course, without checking records it’s difficult to be certain, because it could just be the kind of thing like, “When I was a girl, we walked 15 miles to school everyday with snow up to our eyebrows.” but I don’t think so.  I’ve noticed that the dogs already have thick, winter coats, again, unusual this early.

I wonder if this means we’re going to have a particularly cold winter, or if it doesn’t mean anything at all?  We’re heading off to L.A. to pick Mom up later this week. Her VISA came through last Tuesday and we’ve arranged the movers for the 29th.  It’s going to be quite the shock for her if we have a bad winter, after spending 30 years in So. Cal where we complain when the temps get below 50 F.

Ciao for now.


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3 thoughts on “It’s here

  1. Take it from an old New Englander–get your mom some silk long underwear (L.L. Bean or Winter Silks, see their catalogs or Web sites). Maximum non-bulk warmth for fairly minimal cost. Makes winter much more tolerable.

  2. I’m planning to take her shopping for things like this over the weekend. It will probably be less expensive to buy them in the States than wait until she’s here. The dollar keeps sinking like a stone!


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