Moving Mom Continues

Yesterday, Mom called to tell us that she had heard from the Consulate and her visa has been approved!  That was REALLY rapid and we’re all delighted.  They had told us that it could take between 2 weeks and 2 months, but no one ever expects the shorter time for this kind of thing.

Now, we’re all going nuts trying to get the last minute details together so we can plan our return trip. We’ll call the movers today and see when they can fit us into their schedule; it should really be an easy move for them, maybe only a half day of work, since Mom isn’t taking all that much stuff with her.

This works out great, since her escrow is due to close at the end of October and we’re set to sign for the new house at the end of November.  And, the best part for me is that it means she’ll be here for Thanksgiving!  I’ve already ordered a turkey from our friends the Antonios and will make it a real family feast.

We have been invited to spend the day with friends, but I think Mom would rather spend her first French turkey day here at the house, and I have to admit I like that idea as well.  I haven’t had a whole turkey since we’ve been here, so it will be fun to do it up right.

I know that there will be some major changes in store for all of us, but I think we have to look at the time we’ll have together as a gift. I certainly believe that we’ll have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Ciao for now.


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