I’ve Got a Headache!

But at least everything is back up and running. I think that trying to post my old archives from 2006 is just out. Heck, none of you probably care about them anyway!!!

Now I can get back to the real business at hand with news of life in the Possum Kingdom.

After the last two years of practically no real summer to speak of, we have been getting our fair share of it so far this year. This past weekend has been rainy, but up until now, we’ve had true summer temperatures and sunshine. In fact, if MeteoFrance (sages that they are) are correct, we’re in for weathers in the low 90s this coming weekend. Personally, I find that too hot, but I’m usually the only one complaining.

We’re really noticing the benefits of the insulation and other work that we did on the house this year. JM’s office has been noticeably cooler and our bedroom is completely comfortable at night, no matter how hot it has been during the day. Now, if the temperatures stay in the 90s, I’m sure we’ll notice it even with doors, shutters, etc. judiciously opened and closed at the proper times of day. Still, it is much, much better now than it was the first year we were here.

Something I’ve really noticed is that the difference with the outside can sometimes be so striking that I’ve almost thought we were air condtioned sometimes. That proves that stone walls, double-glazed windows and solid shutters work. And we’re not paying EDF to use them.

Ciao for now,

Randy (tired!)


Okay. After a very, very long weekend, we now have our new webserver up and running. Getting this blog to be reasonably close to what it was before has taken me more hours than I care to think about. But it is done now, and although there are a few things that aren’t exactly “right” it is mostly okay.

Now, on to what is happening here in the Possum Kingdom.

Today was European election day. I cannot say that the village has shone with a brilliant turnout. We went to vote right before lunch, and I would say that if there were 20 votes in the box, it was a lot. Hard to complain about our situation in Europe if we don’t vote.

I will do a more detailed entry tomorrow or Tuesday. I need to go and take something for my headache now!

Ciao for now,